Adam Gase’s Future In Miami?

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I remember when the Dolphins hired Adam Gase I really wasn’t feeling it because I didn’t want another inexperienced coach to take over the Dolphins, but just like many after his first season I felt this guy was the answer, unfortunately after going 6 – 10 in his second season when you add both seasons up you guessed it they are .500 a 16-16 record. The very essence of MEDIOCRITY!

Adam Gase’s seat went from safe to warm after his 2nd season  He could do no wrong after season one and now he is at the crossroads of his short coaching career in Miami. This season could end with cries of a coaching change and despite my hopes that it does not happen I am no longer that confident in Gase as the coach after seeing this team spend an entire season failing to establish an identity and imploding before our eyes.

Yes back at mediocrity after 2 seasons. Back to winning too many games to be in the hunt for a top draft pick without mortgaging the future and not enough to make the playoffs.

Make no mistake about it there are some who want him gone now after one bad season, they forgot about his 10-6  season one after year two left a sour taste in everybody’s mouth but I’m going to give Adam Gase a lot of credit because the team did go through one really weird 2017 season and add to that a tougher schedule and that is why they found themselves at 6 -10 at the end of 2017

I personally don’t want to go through another 3 and out change of management and coaching but that is not my call.

This current off-season have left me in despair as two decisions they’ve made in the roster purging they made leaves me scratching my head. (Jarvis Landry and Ndamukong Suh) our best offensive and defensive players when you listen to Adam Gase speak he seems to have approved of all the things being done and so he’s taking responsibility for the roster that he currently has and his opinion there’s more options now for him than they had been before because they’re no longer relying on just one receiver the majority of the time or they’re no longer have all the eggs in one defensive players basket.

They no longer have to cuddle/Coddle and often injured Center to try to get him through the season all those worries are no longer on his palette but the flip side of that also is that you have gotten rid of three very good players All Pro Bowl players some of the best at their position in the NFL so have the Dolphins taken some step backwards or have they taken steps forward only time will tell but I’m speaking more hypothetically on this team not accomplishing their goals in 2018 if that’s the case should Adam Gates be on the hot seat?

I’m here to make a case that he should not be on the hot seat in fact I think Adam Gase should be the Dolphins coach for quite some time in the future a lot like what the teams that seem to win the most in the NFL do they stick with the management well beyond 1, 2 or 3 years.

Look at the Packers, Steelers and Patriots you can go down a list of all the teams that seem to have consistency in winning and playoff appearances and the fact that they have coaches that have been in their positions for quite some time.

When the Dolphins hired Adam Gase he was at the time the youngest head coach in the NFL and after his now 3rd season he still is one of the youngest coaches in the league and it would be foolish once again for them to go through this cycle of trying to find another head coach now is the time for the Dolphins to back this guy both good and bad and hopefully help him develop into the next Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin or Mike McCarthy the Dolphins decided to hire this young guy two years ago and so now they made their bed they need to lay in that bed for quite some time.

I think at the very minimum a coach should have at least four to five years just to put together the roster that they want because you have to spend the first two or three years Purging your roster of players that don’t fit your system or don’t fit the locker room that you want, so as upset as I am about the purging that was done this offseason I’m going to once again give them the benefit of the doubt that this is what they felt they needed to do to accomplish the goals that they want to accomplish.

So if it backfires this season I am not so sure that I’m really interested in getting rid of the head coach and also even messing with the management system that’s in place because all that means is Miami would be looking for another GM and try to force him on the head coach or vice-versa.

If you hire another head coach will he be comfortable with the current GM &VP of Operations that Miami currently have in place or Chris Grier the de facto GM?

Will the next coach come in with a different offense and defense that will require  another roster makeover that takes years to accomplish? Is that not what the Dolphins have endured just about every 3-4 years this past decade?

I’m writing this article partly because I do not see this team winning many games in 2018 but the last thing I want to do if this should happen is go through another recycling of GM’s, coaches, management somewhere along the line you have to allow them enough time to put in place what they’re trying to put in place so like it or not I personally feel Adam Gase should be here for at least 5 to 10 years and hopefully within that time frame he’ll put together the team that can start to win for him on a consistent basis what a shame it would be to fire this guy after he’s learned on a job and got his feet wet and he takes the experience that he’s gotten here and go to some other team and become the next Bill Belichick so I’m preaching once again continuity hopefully it’s a premature and unnecessary article come seasons end.

I’m just not banking on it at this time.


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