It’s Official DeVante Parker is a Bust!

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If you are a regular reader of my blog site you know I am no fan of DeVante Parker he is the latest on my list of disappointing players that have teased us but never truly met their so called potential. In fact before the draft I was preaching that Miami should have traded the first round disappointment that have year after year been beset with injury or questionable habits of taking care of his body and it has come to a point that I am tired of reading about the skills he possess because they have yet to come to fruition on the field on any consistent basis.

He was drafted in 2015 and 4 years later he is once again hurt (Broken Finger) and will miss games and we all know he is fragile and is labeled as a player who doesn’t play well with pain.

Even before he broke his finger he was being abused by Xavien Howard in training camp which left me thinking that Xavien Howard was the best CB in the league until the first preseason game where even Howard looked bad. So what does that really say about Parker?

Look I want this guy to be who they say he is but so far he has not passed the eye test he is too timid and weak IMHO and he lacks the very thing Jarvis Landry our best receiver the past few seasons possessed that for some reason the Dolphins and in particular the head coach didn’t like. That feisty, cocky swagger and attitude along with passion and the occasional flare up that the best receivers in history have had.

Instead he is quiet; soft spoken and soft hearted and plays that way as if he has yet to come into manhood. He’s been paid well and for the Dolphins to pick up his 5th year option before the draft I was hoping that was a sign he was on the trading block.

Now even the media is questioning whether he should be traded but the sad fact is to me the better opportunity would have been to trade him on draft day this past April. Now we are stuck with the same underachieving disappointing BUST who seems to take offense to critics when everyone has the right to call him out and the Dolphins need to also put more pressure on him and quit treating him with kid gloves.

He needs a new team to start over with and the Dolphins need to at least try and get something for him, hopefully by the trading deadline a deal can be made to send this bust packing!

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