Will Our 7 Year Investment Pay Off?

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He is not as bad as some feel but not as good as we all want him to be in fact Ryan Tannehill is exactly what we have been getting with the Dolphins ever since he’s been our starting Quarterback a .500 player I am not sure we can expect much more from him even though I still hold out hope that somehow he possess another gear that will elevate his play to a top 10 QB in the NFL.

One thing is for sure Ryan’s time is up! This is a Make or Break season, his last year to prove his case NO EXCUSES!  No injury, scapegoating nothing can save his career other than him leading this team to the playoffs because if not Miami will be drafting a Quarterback in next year’s draft with their first pick in fact I feel even if Ryan lights it up and plays lights out Miami need to draft a Quarterback high next year because the Jets and Bills have in place their potential future QB’s in Sam Darnold and Josh Allen and the ageless Tom Brady is in the twilight of his career and is firmly established as the G.O.A.T!

Miami needs to have in place the future QB despite what Ryan does this season and Tannehill’s past justifies the need to draft a young QB in the upcoming 2019 NFL draft. I do agree that Miami did not need to draft a QB this year but next season it should be priority number 1 no matter what happens this year.

But for now let’s focus on this season and our current Quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins have in place everything Ryan needs to succeed. He has a head coach that has backed him and has faith in him, he has veteran receivers and speed at the receiver spot, he also has a solid offensive line and even though they are rookies he has weapons at the TE position and to conclude he has a very solid and talented RB group.

This just might be the best weapons he’s had on offense since he’s been here. Now it’s up to Ryan to make it all work. He needs to take ownership of this offense and turn them into the weapon they can be they just need Ryan to make it work no matter what!

What should be reasonable expectations for Ryan this season and what should we expect from this team? I feel despite the protestations of the NFL talking heads this team CAN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS and that is what I expect from them! Ryan needs to make that happen this year, no excuses!!!!

To do that Ryan needs to separate himself from “THE REST” and move into that 2nd tier of QB’s as he will never be a tier 1 QB and that is ok he just needs to be better than the rest group. (See my rankings below)

The NFL has only a handful of “Franchise Quarterbacks” ones you can call Tier 1 players in fact I consider only 4 QB’s worthy of a tier 1 status (see below) I also feel that there are a handful of QB’s that are what you can say are tier 2 QB’ and then the rest and that is where you will find Ryan Tannehill in that REST category and it would be nice if he could somehow break into that 2nd tier list this season and be a top 10 QB in what is most assuredly will be his last season in Miami if he fails to produce a good season.

After 6 full seasons there are no more excuses and this is his last chance to justify Miami’s patience, faith and the investment they have put in him.

  • My QB Rankings as of 2018

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