It’s Just Practice! Or Is It?


The Dolphins just completed their second preseason game and I am not impressed as they not only lost a second game but they did not look good doing it. Last week’s game the Defense failed to show up and last night’s game the offense could not get things going and looked like crap.

This is truly concerning because this team went through a complete season looking very similar as they failed to establish an identity and so far through these glorified practices this team has failed to display a pattern of success that you would hope to have seen.

Now I try not to get to upset over preseason games because they are truly nothing like the real games as they do not do the extensive game planning throughout the week in preparation for the game. At least for the first two games so this next game at home vs. the Ravens should resemble more like the real deal and for some reason I am not expecting much from this team as they have never fared well against the Ravens and because they look like the team many are projecting them to be, a bottom feeder in the NFL this season.

I have spent the past few years disagreeing with the national pundits calling them haters only for the Dolphins to prove me wrong and them right. They are projecting the Dolphins to be a top five drafter in the 2019 NFL Draft and so far I cannot argue against them anymore.

I can only have hope that they prove everybody wrong but I see no evidence of it from the first two preseason games.

The frustrating thing is if they prove the pundits right this team most likely will go through the same failed plan that have plagued them  for over a decade pushing the reset button someone will most likely lose their job either the GM or the head coach or BOTH and they waste time bringing in a new team of people who have to dismantle the mess left behind and try and build the team they want in 2 to 3 years or less.

I don’t feel like thinking that far ahead and I can only hope that somehow someway this current management team will find a way to prove everybody wrong including your forever optimistic Dolphin Seer….stay tuned!

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