Avoiding The Reset Button

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The biggest problem the Dolphins have faced over the last decade or so is the inability to have continuity soon as a Bad season hits the fan outcry the media outcry and even owners are subject to wanting to change wanting to either fire the head coach, the general manager or both.

I get it it’s easy to want to make change specially when you see other teams make it to the playoffs and we sit here as Dolphin fans heartbroken disappointed and angry about the way this team once again failed.

We’re tired of the cup of mediocrity we want to be in the playoffs consistently and reach the ultimate goal of getting the Dolphins back to the Super Bowl.

The problem is the Dolphins have practiced the very thing that has prevented them from going to the Super bowl, impatience and hitting the reset button every 2-3 years has been to the Dolphins detriment.

You take a look at the most successful teams one thing that has been consistent with them is continuity for the most part the Pittsburgh Steelers have kept Mike Tomlin in place for quite a few years prior to Mike Tomlin they had Bill Cowher for a long tenure.

Take a look at the New England Patriots the perfect example of continuity how long have the coach/GM been in place and keep in mind he’s also had his quarterback in place for quite a while yes they’ve had success but at the same time they’ve also been together for quite a while.

We can look at another example in the Green Bay Packers who also have been a team that has practice continuity just recently changing GM but Coach Mike McCarthy has been with the Packers for quite a while.

Out of all three of these examples that I have shown you the one thing that has been consistent is there keeping the management in place and in some cases despite ups and downs.

The Dolphins need to do that they need to stop wanting change and stay the course with this current management and current coach in place for at least 10 years yes I’m asking 10 years of this group together and I see a great possibility of them putting together a perennial playoff Contender and potential Super Bowl winner it’s going to take more patience and more time especially when you consider hiring Adam Gase a young coach with no experience it’s just going to take time.

Has he made mistakes yes, but I do like this coach I think he should be around for a while I am not a big jet hater so I have no problem with Mike Tannenbaum and I also have no problem with Chris Grier.

This management has done what they think is in the best interest of the team I truly believe it it’s just going to take time and I hope that at season’s end if the Dolphins once again failed to make the playoffs or have a bad record that we don’t start to call for a reset or change.

The consistency of the previous teams I’ve shown you has provided them with the ability to have many years of success making it to the playoffs as well as Super Bowl wins.

I am sure that some will argue it’s because of the quarterbacks of those teams and I cannot argue against that point to a certain extent I will get into that in a future article on Miami’s QB Ryan Tannehill.

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