Are The Dolphins Headed In The Right Direction?

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have enjoyed some very good times with this team I’m not sure I would be a Dolphin fan today but I’m old enough to remember the glory years with the Miami Dolphins. I’m talking even before the Dan Marino era when Miami had Bob Griese, Jim kick, Earl Morrall, Mercury Morris and the “No Name Defense” I was young at the time but I loved those Dolphins dearly! I still have a deep love today due to that foundation laid so many years ago, but to be honest with you this team has not done much to reward us old timers nor any of you in quite some Time.

We Dolphins Fans have suffered through the last 15 years or more of mediocrity in fact believe it or not you have to go back some 33 years to even find the Dolphins relevant and that ended in Marino’s only super bowl appearance and loss. Now make no mistake about it the Marino years were great to have been a part of and the only tragedy is the fact that he never got a ring.

For many of you I’m sure it’s been that much more difficult if you’re younger than I am to keep up with this team through a series of bad hires when it comes to both coaches and GM’s and never really having a settled quarterback since Marino’s retirement I ask the question where are the Dolphins now?

I am of the opinion that Miami is in a very good situation from management on down through the coaching and players.

Ultimately it’s going to be wins and losses that’s going to convince any of you whether this team is headed in the right direction or not and despite this team still needing to establish an identity I like the foundation and where they are headed. I see light at the end of this tunnel.

The Dolphins have one of the best owners in the league. Yes he’s made some mistakes but he has always done what he was asked by the different managements he’s had running things and money has NEVER been an issue in fact we can fault some past coaches and GM’s for maybe not being better stewards of his money in how they have overpaid for players over the years.

Miami’s management structure is the best it’s ever been, I know some will never accept Mike Tannenbaum V.P of Football operations mainly because he was with the dreaded Jets.

If you look at the structure this team even when faced with adversity like last season did not let it affect them like in times past. From the hurricane and its disruption and a coach on tape snorting what appeared to be cocaine in the complex the Dolphins managed to not allow any excuse to derail them.

Chris Grier has done a solid job of drafting for the most part and the team has far fewer holes to plug moving forward and good young depth on the roster.

Our young head coach Adam Gase has had his ups and downs but I like him and hope they will stick with him as he matures into a solid head coach. That is the price you pay for hiring a first time head coach.

I have no clue what this season will bring for Miami because so much has changed but all I am hoping for is at season’s end the arrow is point up and this team is trending towards being a playoff contender.

I am ready for the new season  so sit back and enjoy my UNADULTERATED articles.

Fins up!

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