Ryan Tannehill Haters Still Bitter?

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Still a couple of weeks away from the 2018 NFL Draft and quite a few people are still whining and complaining that the Dolphins did not draft a quarterback. Get over it and yourselves…!

All you had to do is follow The Dolphin Seer and read my pre draft articles and you would have known that the Miami Dolphins did not need to draft a quarterback this year so when they finally did not draft a quarterback some of you may not have been so supprised/disappointed with that being said, I do agree that this is the final season of being patient with Ryan Tannehill he is out of options he need to at least be a top 15 or better quarterback and lead his team to the playoffs this year, without any injuries and without missing any games or his career in Miami is over.

Many people have put a lot of trust and their Careers in Ryan Tannehill and this is truly his make or break season, there are no more excuses, no more reasons there’s nothing else left but for Ryan Tannehill to excel at his position as quarterback or it’s time to move on.

Of course those of us who are Ryan Tannehill supporters we are truly hoping that this is the season that he finally shines and if you look at it logically there is no reason why he should not (except maybe them letting Jarvis go)

I am optimistic that Ryan Tannehill will show that he was worth the wait and the patience because he knows this offense like the back of his hand. He’s had a lot of time to get this offense mentally locked these past two seasons. He should have this offense mastered. Ryan Tannehill shouldn’t have to think about anything he should be able to do the only potential obstacle is if  Ryan Tannehill has another setback another injury that would end his season and his career.

So all you haters out there who are still bitter just relax you got one more seasons to either be a believer or proven right, so enjoy the season we’ll see you next year as we talk about the 2019 draft and if Miami will draft a quarterback. Yes they should even if Ryan Tannehill is successful this year, Quarter Back should be a high priority on the Dolphins draft board, more on that in my future articles.

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