Plugging Holes!

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Despite my early frustration with Miami’s decision to Draft a Safety in round 1 when Safety is NOT a real position of need this year and it revolves around my fundamental disagreement with the current GM Chris Grier who believes in Drafting the best player on their board regardless of position.

Here is my problem with that strategy, Miami still have holes to fill in their starting units and until you plug all your holes with solid starters you need to draft for NEED before drafting the BPA. There is no better example than three seasons ago when Miami drafted WR Leonte Carroo when they had a greater need to rebuild their Defense.

Not only did they draft a position where they didn’t need to fill because it was filled at the time with 3 young talented starters that were not going to give up playing time to Carroo and so far Leonte Carroo has been a non factor borderline bust. They also traded away draft picks that season and the next. How has that worked out so far see Leonte Carroo Who?

I said this about the pick at the time:

“…I was somewhat surprised that Miami drafted a WR that is a position of strength on the team but the Dolphins had Carroo as their #2 WR on their draft board and felt the need to go and get him in the third round trading picks this year and next year for him. He will have to fight to get on the field and if it is about competition the Dolphins have put this rookie on a roster that has 3 young talented WR’s “

That was a wasted pick much like I feel drafting a Safety this year in round one was. I like that Miami did address their OLB need but they did so in round 3 when they had a round one projected OLB who is A 19 YEAR OLD  6′-5″ OLB as opposed to drafting one 6′-1″ who had he been 6′-4″ to 6′-6″ he would have been a first round projection.

But at 6′-1″ he will be playing against the best TE’s in the league who are averaging 6-4 or taller.

Miami is not good enough to draft the way Chris Grier is thinking, PLUG THE HOLES FIRST and then draft BPA but passing up on a first round OLB to Draft a Safety when we have two very good Safeties who most likely will not be supplanted by some rookie (unless it is a move to justify their pick) is just as stupid as the same flawed approach they used to draft Leonte Carroo.

As you know I am a Dolphin fanatic and hope that they will prove to be right while I eat some crow but recent history has proven that this armchair GM seems to have more of a clue than our current management team.

The Bills were so happy Miami passed up on Tremaine Edmunds (First round OLB Miami passed up) that they traded back into the first round and gave up picks to snatch this kid up. I just hope he does not become the proverbial “Thorn IN Our Side” as he will remember the Dolphins passed him up as he plays Miami twice a year for division rival Buffalo Bills.

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