It’s Minkah Fitzpatrick!

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I have no doubt that Miami got a good player and they once again stuck to what I feel is a extremely FLAWED philosophy of taking the best player available regardless of need because they had a greater need at OLB and the player I wanted them to pick still on the board.

Tremaine Edmunds who by the way the Buffalo Bills traded up in the draft to get was still there for the taking and Miami passed him up. OLB is a glaring hole and they draft a Safety? I am officially no longer a believer in this regime because I feel it was a huge mistake to pass up a need.

What is the definition of insanity? Did we not see this before? Look up Leonte Carroo and you will see the identical mistake that so far has failed the Dolphins.

That was Chris Grier’s first  draft as Miami’s new GM and they had three very good WR’s and a huge need to draft on the defensive side of the ball, but what do they do? They draft WR Leonte Carroo who to this day nobody can say that was a good move especially considering what they gave up!

I am not on board with this pick and we will be facing 19-year-old  Tremaine Edmunds twice a year and if this kids turns out to be the better player then this management once again made the wrong move.

Chris Grier uses the excuse that they had poor chemistry between T.J McDonald and Reshad Jones last season but that just an admission that they have no clue what they are doing because they were the ones to sign McDonald and extend his contract despite him ever playing as he served out a suspension.

Like I said in the onset I believe that Minkah Fitzpatrick will be a good player in time but if you want to make a sandwich and you have two loaves of bread you don’t go out and buy another loaf of bread.

This is a failed move and despite other options later in the draft to get a OLB Miami blew it by passing up on a player of NEED who also was ranked high in the draft over a player of lesser need because he was ranked higher on their draft board.

I know some will say I am just upset that they did not take the player I projected and my answer is you are damn right I am upset because I believe they have a very flawed system and so far they have not proven to be right and time is running out!

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