2018 Top 10 Draft Position: OT’s

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This is one of a series of building up to the Draft articles designed to show you the top 10  players at the various positions in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

1 Connor Williams OT 6′ – 5″ 296 Texas
2 Mike McGlinchey OT 6′ – 8″ 309 Notre Dame
3 Kolton Miller OT 6′ – 9″ 309 UCLA
4 Martinas Rankin OT 6′- 4″ 308 Mississippi State
5 Tyrell Crosby OT 6′ – 5″ 309 Oregon
6 Orlando Brown OT 6′ – 8″ 345 Oklahoma
7 Brian O’Neill OT 6′ – 7″ 297 Pittsburgh
8 Chukwuma Okorafor OT 6′ – 6″ 320 Western Michigan
9 Desmond Harrison OT 6′ – 7″ 292 West Georgia
10 Alex Cappa OT 6′ – 6″ 305 Humboldt State

You can never have enough offensive line help and Miami though seemly well positioned this year with the current lineman on the roster you never know if one should slide and Miami take one but I do not expect that to be in the early rounds but maybe the later rounds with an eye for development and competition down the roster.

I feel college OT’s are well suited to be cross trained to play anywhere across the line and if Miami should see one they like after the 5th round I can see one being drafted. But for the most part I am not expecting this position to be addressed in this years draft.

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