Winning Is All That Matters!

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In a league that is full of copycats, analytics and any gimmick they can drum up, the Miami Dolphins are on some new strategy after wasting two seasons and over a decade and a half of failed chances.

Some say it’s the model of the Patriots, but unless they get Bill Belichick and Tom Brady I doubt they will succeed in copying their formula.

When the Dolphins hired who I feel was the second best head coach in team history (Jimmy Johnson) he always simplified things and he said the goal was to win the division because if you win the division it is an automatic playoff berth.  Somehow that fact seems to be lost in Miami as that is not a STATED GOAL and something they talk about as their objective.

The Dolphins need not worry about anything else but winning the division because once they can accomplish that they will be in the playoffs and most likely be one of the better teams in the playoffs should they learn how to win the division because that would mean that they also would have found a way to beat the Patriots.

Unfortunately the Dolphins are now so mediocre that they have allowed the Bills and Jets come closer to beating the Dolphins in our division than being in a position to topple a Patriots team that has dominated this division for so long as they have won the AFC East 9 years in a row and 15 times in the last 16 seasons. Getting at least 5 or six wins a season from the AFC East! So they have been in the playoffs 14 out of their last 15 seasons and just missed the playoffs in 2008 despite losing Tom Brady for the season they still ended up 11-5 but Miami had the better conference record that season.

That 2008 season was the only time the Patriots have not made the playoffs in the last 15 seasons (because they did not win the division) and only the 2nd time in the past 15 seasons that Miami has made the playoffs.

Dave Hyde of the Sun Sentinel wrote an article asking Do the Dolphins Have a Plan that can work this time?  after an off-season that have some stumped and me bummed out and it talks about them being on their 3rd plan as it has changed each year. Here’s a simple plan for the Dolphins in 3 words “WIN THE DIVISION” it gets no simpler than that!

Win the division and you’re in the playoffs guaranteed! They need to build a team that’s capable of beating the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots. I still remember the day when the lowly the New England Patriots were the lowly New England Patriots but now they have run roughshod over this division for the past decade in a half.

At the end of the day winning is all that matters because you’re judge by your win/loss record and the Dolphins Mike Tannenbaum, Chris Grier and Adam Gase are joined at the hip as they seem to be trying to navigate their way through a division that has the New England Patriots in it with their Hall of Fame coach and a Hall of Fame quarterback and after two years together they are batting .500 with a 1 and 3 record vs the Patriots.

Miami’s number one STATED goal should be to build a team to beat New England, the Jets and the Buffalo Bills thus winning the division. That’s the answer to their problem, that’s the solution and that’s the only way this management team can progress if they want to stay together and not hear the cries of the fan base, that gets a listening ear from the owner because at the end of the day the fans are the ones who support the team and no fans in the stands means lost revenue for this Dolphins team and I’m not sure that this management team will have another two or three years to put plan number 4,5 or 6 into place so it’s all going to boil down to coaching and their ability to put together a team that is capable of winning the division as simple and complected as that might be.

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