TDS’s Apology To Miami Dolphins!

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One of the things I do is follow my stats for this blog, I find it amazing that I have so many readers and followers and hits throughout the Globe (in 99 countries) I tend to look at my stats daily.

One of the things my stats tell me is when someone reads past articles, in fact there are currently JUST ABOUT 1000 (996) articles written on this site you can use my search engine to type anything Dolphins and i am sure you might pull up and article.

Well I was reading one particular article I wrote this past November (when I realized Miami’s season was done) called Reality Settling In and I made comments that the Dolphins seemed to have followed this off-season…

Here are my exact comments:

  • “Miami needs to go back to the drawing board and face the reality that they are not good and wholesale changes need to be made. Ones that will both lower expectations and get the cap back in line.
  • Miami needs to do one thing and that is CLEAN HOUSE and start from scratch. No more with thinking they are close because they are not!
  • It’s time to get younger on defense and purge this team of high-priced players because it is a waste of money to pay these high salaries when our Defense cannot hold up, our offense is inept and this team is so far from where they are even in the hunt for contention.”

It seems like Miami followed my advice or should I say did what I thought they should have done and yet I have been upset with the moves made so far this off-season.

The reality is Miami did exactly what they should have done as I said at 6 and 10 no one should have been off the table.

So this is my official apology to the Dolphins as my hypocrisy has been exposed and I will try to endure what they are doing with out complaints, but I make no promises….

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