Making a Case For Lamar Jackson!

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Lamar Jackson is somehow a forgotten man as the 2018 NFL draft approaches. He is a mystery and a potential boom-or-bust quarterback so the question is are the Dolphins willing to take a risk on Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson should fall somewhere from where the Dolphin select at #11 to the 32nd pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and since a quarterback is something that the Dolphins needs and all the projections of the top 4 quarterbacks in this year’s draft have them going way before Miami sitting at 11, the Dolphins should go ahead and pull the trigger and draft Lamar Jackson. Maybe in a trade down scenario and picking up more draft picks as well.

The Dolphins already have a quarterback in Ryan Tannehill that they seem to be confident in so they are not as desperate as some of the other Quarterback needy teams. They can Draft a QB in this years draft that is more of a project but with some potential to become a top NFL starting QB and there is no other QB in this years draft with the potential upside Lamar Jackson brings.

The Quarterback is by far  the most important position on the team as it is no coincidence that a majority of the time if you have a top QB in the NFL you have a winning team. The Dolphins despite still believing in Ryan Tannehill really have no history that proves that Ryan can be more than well….mediocre.

That has been the case since Ryan’s been our starting QB and even though I too believe that Ryan can potentially do more and become the next Nick Foles / Matt Ryan type player the fact that Ryan has had knee injuries and he is now going into his 7th season at age 29, one can see the wisdom in drafting his successor now.

This will allow Miami the needed time to develop Lamar Jackson into the “Heir Apparent” to Ryan Tannehill and as soon as Lamar is ready then move on to the more athletic and dynamic player at QB. Some have asked Lamar to play a different position like WR in the NFL as legitimate questions about his IQ persist as the supposedly private Wonderlic scores gets leaked  

  • Josh Allen: 37
  • Josh Rosen: 29
  • Sam Darnold: 28
  • Baker Mayfield: 25
  • Dan Marino: 16 (Just to prove a point)
  • Lamar Jackson: 13

The Dolphins can look like geniuses if this works out and why not take a swing at the fences? What do they have to lose? They have far more to gain and if our head coach is the QB guru that many claim he is than this is a no brainer to me. Some team will give this athletically talented kid a shot and if it pans out will walk away looking like geniuses

Do I expect that to happen in Miami? No!

What will most likely happen is Miami will play it safe and Lamar will go to one of the other 31 teams in the league and make that team look like the genius as Miami continues to wallow in the sea of mediocrity….because that is who you are when you don’t take chances.

And NO this is not some April Fools Joke……. 🙂

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