ESPN Ranks Miami 32nd in the NFL

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Dead Last!

After an off-season of purging their best talent and high salaries (No Coincidence) ESPN ranks the Dolphins 32 in the league with their lattes power rankings.

I am no longer sure where this team ranks  as I too see no positives in what they did this off-season dumping their best talent and proclaiming that they feel they are headed in the right direction.

It is their team (Dolphins Management) and rest assured that there will be some serious noise if this team ends up actually 32nd come seasons end. If they wanted to rebuild they should have done so as soon as they hired Adam Gase and had they done so the Dolphins would be in year 3 of the rebuild and maybe in the position the Jets and Buffalo find themselves in. Plenty of cap space and high draft picks with options available.

But after two seasons of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde it is hard to see them now come to the decision to purge the team of the best players and sell us that somehow they see a direction that they are happy with.

I can tell you I do not see it and apparently the more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities who vote on the ESPN rankings fail to see it also.

I have spent years blindly disagreeing with the national sports writers about their opinions on the Dolphins  unfortunately they have been correct more often than not.

The Dolphins claim they want to keep their home-grown talent but the way they treated one of the best draft picks we had in years (Jarvis Landry) who developed into one of the best in the league at his position and instead of paying a few million dollars more to reward him for his success they instead traded him to the once lowly Browns who look like they will surpass Miami next season as their fortunes are changing in a big way.

I would love to be wrong and will be the first to admit so if somehow the Dolphins prove to be the surprise of the league next season it just don’t look like a realistic view as all I can see is a team depleted of some of the best players on the team and ones that also stack up well against their peers.

It would be better if they would just finally admit that they need to rebuild this team and quit trying to sell us a bunch of bull that they are not.

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