Why I Love The Frank Gore Signing!

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Yes he is another player that breaks my rule as to free agent signings, Frank Gore is 34 years old and for a running back that is really old, but as with every rule there are exceptions to the rule and I personally feel Frank Gore is that one exception and a special fit for the Miami Dolphins!

Frank Gore has a very accomplished career as a running back he is currently 75 yards away from surpassing Curtis Martin as the 4th all-time rusher in NFL history which he will surpass sometime next season in a Dolphin uniform if he remains healthy.

Frank Gore is truly a Miami native born in Miami played High School in Florida (Coral Gables Senior High School) and played College football at the University of Miami  unfortunately the Dolphins let Frank Gore slip out of the state as the San Francisco 49ers drafted him in the 3rd round of the 2005 NFL Draft  that same year Miami spent a first round pick on Ronnie Brown and even though Ronnie had a good career in Miami, Frank Gore will be a hall of fame player. It’s only fitting that he can hopefully conclude his career on his home town professional team.

The best thing about the signing is, he will have a huge impact in the  running back room for the Dolphins as Miami (after losing Damien Williams in free agency) was in need of help and a veteran presence like Gore can only enhance the play of our number 1 rusher Kenyan Drake  who could use a veteran presence to help him continue to mature. I can say without a doubt this is by far my favorite move by Miami in what has become a disappointing 2018 free agency season.

I am not sure how much left Frank Gore has in his tank but he is known to take care of his body and is a hard worker and I am sure that the Dolphins will draft another young RB hopefully in the first 3-4 rounds (See My Mock Draft) either way this is a very good signing and once again I can say Welcome to Miami Frank Gore even if it is 13 years too late!

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