Can Jordan Phillips Fill Ndamukong Suh’s Shoes?

It’s taken awhile for Jordan Phillips to mature but now is his time and opportunity to take the lead as our veteran defensive tackle on the team and take his game to that next level that we all been waiting for, he’s shown signs recently the last couple seasons of improvement but there’s still some times that you have to question whether they are  getting the best out of Jordan Phillip 100% of the time.

Jordan Phillips needs to understand he has the potential to become recognized as one of the top defensive tackles in the league and work his way towards a big payday whether it’s with Miami or some other team that might be willing to pick up his contract as he goes into his most lucrative deal after his rookie contract is up this season. (See Jarvis Landry)

Make no mistake about it despite what people think Ndamukong Suh is one of the best DT’s in the game and his time in Miami was not a waste due to him but a failure by the Dolphins to surround him with complementary talent on Defense. Suh played his ass off for the Dolphins who abused him as his snaps were some of the highest on Defense for a DT.

Ndamukong Suh is a player who lead by example and if you put on the film he is a major force and his play had a direct effect on Jordan Phillips but Phillips will NEVER be another Suh. Hopefully he can step up to the plate and deliver a more consistent dominant player we often see in spurts but he has not maintained consistently enough.

I am sure some of you complainers will say he got paid well….I feel he lived up to his pay   and despite all these claims of some personality issues I thought  Ndamukong Suh did a good job of opening up and trying to change while in Miami. I think he’s grown for the better and hopefully Jordan Phillips too…

Now it’s time for Jordan Phillips to take the lead as the veteran DT on the team and lead by example to assist the two young DT’s we added last year in the draft.

Jordan Phillip who’s been able to be around  Ndamukong Suh for the past 3 years and learn from his example should be a true force and thanks should be given to his Mentor who’s shown Jordan how to play at a high level week in and week out and the best that the Dolphins can hope for is that Jordan Phillips will fill that huge void left by one of the best in the game.

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