Adam Gase Created The “Culture” The Dolphins are Trying to Change!

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One of the things you get when you hire a young first time head coach is a series of mistakes that sometimes can frustrate the team, fans and players. The Dolphins are talking culture and how the changes being made is about changing the culture…..???

Well if that is the case you have to go to the source that created the culture our young head coach Adam Gase.

Adam Gase came in with a cocky brash attitude and basically encouraged the players to be themselves. The problem with that is young players like Landry and Ajayi felt comfortable being themselves and without any restraints.

Could you imagine  Jimmy Johnson allowing things to get so out of control?

The Dolphins are purging the roster of top players in a move to save money and instead of just letting that be their excuse they have leaked the old dirty laundry that it was also about a change of culture.

Who created the culture? Adam Gase did and now he is trying to get rid of players that took him for what they thought was their guy.

A comment by Jay Ajayi after he was traded helped me come to that conclusion Ajayi said he thought he was being what they encouraged him to be open.

Remember when Adam Gase came aboard and he was encouraging the players to be open, he would even talk smack to the players

” Smack Talk is a very key motivational tool that Adam Gase his in his tool box to use at will and there is no better way to get to many of his players than to talk a little trash and poke fun at some of the players and that seems to be the number one tool that neither Joe Philbin nor Tony Sparano possessed.

Look at one of the best head coaches in the game Bill Parcells and you will see he had that tool and used it well against some of his best players. It is a tool that most young urban youth use at will, it is what they do, they grew up smack talking!

Its how you get their trust and how you can befriend them and how you can get the best out of some players. These are the same ones that will not respond to yelling or will not get up for some boring mono tone speech and will at times slack off if they can get over. But challenge them trough that simple tool of “smack talk” and GAME ON!”

The fact that the Dolphins are now calling for Culture change is a direct result of the methods of Adam Gase backfiring. The real truth is this is about purging bad contracts rather than bad attitudes and the losers will be us Dolfans as we appear to be headed to the basement which just might be the best thing for a team that has been stuck in mediocrity for so long that it will be a gift to either plummet or rise from that state.

Plummeting seems to be the direction and hopefully by next off season house cleaning will be the direction the owner goes.

Stay Tuned!

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