Dolphins: Rebuilding, Reloading or Retooling?


The Dolphins are cleaning house and high salary players weather you are a pro bowler or bad are being Purged. Jarvis Landry (Pro Bowler Gone)  Lawrence Timmons (Last Years big signing and Bust…Gone) Julius Thomas (Big Time TE  for Gase in Denver Gone another failed FA signing) and word has it Ndamukong Suh pro bowl player and one of the top DT’s in the game still…is on his way out!

There seems to be a “Madness in Miami” that we can’t figure out the method too! Are the Dolphins Rebuilding , Reloading or Retooling? One things for sure they are making major changes and purging the roster of the high salaries as well as dumping players that did not perform up to their contracts last year.

Who can really argue with making players accountable?  But how can they expect to improve  by letting their best players go?

The players rumored to be coming as replacements do not make me feel this team has improved.

32 year old Danny Amendola? They once again take a free agent who is over 30 and injury prone.  Also WR Albert Wilson who is not even close to being as accomplished on his 4 years as Landry.

So the word out there is “Culture Change” getting rid of the bad apples like Ajayi, Landry and Suh.

The problem is they also happen to be the best players on the team!

Free Agency Officially begins Tomorrow and expect things to take off


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