Jarvis Landry Traded! Thank You Jarvis For The Great Memories!!!

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Well it’s official our best offensive player has been traded away but at least if the rumors are true they got two draft picks from the Cleveland Browns one this year and one next year. This years pick should be a high pick and now the question is what round pick is it?

Hopefully it is a 2nd rounder or a 3rd rounder I will fall out of my seat if the Browns gave up a first rounder for Landry.

Jarvis gets his big pay day well earned and deserved and Miami losses out on one of their top offensive weapons and we will see how things work out for both sides a few years from now.

Hopefully it will turn out to be a win/win for both parties as I love Jarvis and all he brings to the table even when he explodes sometimes.

I do like the fact that Miami handled this issue pretty well and now hopefully they will sign a free agent WR who just might come in and fill Landry’s shoes.

I also will most likely adjust my mock draft to reflect a need for WR unless we can get a Caroo sighting this spring…..more on this later.

I am happy for Jarvis as should you be too….

*UPDATE* Miami will receive a fourth-round pick in 2018 and a seventh-round pick in 2019  according to some online reports

Fins Up!

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