Jarvis Landry Set To Sign Franchise Tag!

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A day after saying the franchise Tag is not a good deal for him Jarvis Landry has informed the Dolphins that he is ready to sign the tag. What is apparently obvious is that Landry and his agent must have found a trading partner and the Dolphins must be on board with that deal.

The most recent and interesting rumor is a deal with the Chicago Bears that would send Jarvis Landry to Chicago in exchange for running back Jordan Howard as well as a swap of first round picks the Dolphins would exchange their #11th pick for the Bears pick #8 as well as give up their 3rd rounder to the Bears.

The intriguing thing about a move like this if it happens is to me that says the Dolphins are seriously looking to draft one of the top QB’s in this years draft. So if this move happens I will have to adjust my 7 round mock draft  to focus on one of the top QB’s in this years draft.

I like the potential trade if it should happen. I have resigned myself to the fact that Jarvis Landry is gone and it’s just a matter of time before a trade is made so now I want Miami to continue to add pieces to the team that they need and RB and a move up the draft board in round one is a great move for Miami if that is the deal that is making Landry do a 360 a day after saying he will not sign the tender.

Let the craziness of the off-season begin as rumors are flying fast as March 14th approaches.

I will try to keep up with any and all rumors so stay tuned…..

This is by far my most enjoyable time of the year as free agency and the draft approaches.

Fins Up!

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