Jarvis Landry and Miami Mutual parting of ways?

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It’s a sad story that’s going on between the Miami Dolphins and Jarvis Landry, now before I get further into the story I got to say that it’s unfortunate both sides couldn’t come to a compromise and so the Dolphins have decided to give Jarvis Landry and his agent permission to seek a trade so in essence it appears that the Miami Dolphins and Jarvis and Landry will part ways sometime in the near future.

The Dolphins will get some form of compensation and Landry will get what he feels he deserves  but will the future reveal that both sides should have done more  to make it work in Miami?

I feel torn because both sides in this case are correct, Miami cannot afford to pay Jarvis the money he and his agent are demanding and Jarvis has EARNED to right to get paid as much as he can get even if it means some other team that can afford to pay him will make that happen.

The Dolphins placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on Landry, that tag gives the Dolphins the right to match any offer sheet Landry would sign or receive two first-round picks as compensation if they declined.

Now the reality is no team will give Miami two first rounds picks for Landry and the Dolphins do not want to pay Landry 16 million next season so both sides will spend the next few months trying to make this inevitable divorce complete.

The problem is now we will have to watch Landry play for some other team and Landry might find out that getting paid like a top WR will put more pressure on him and he just might not be as happy as he was in Miami before money got in the way.

Some fans blindly side with the team on every issue no matter what and so some have turned on Jarvis, no me I really like Landry and wish they both could have come up with a deal.

The Dolphins have decided to move on from Landry and I am sure his antics have something to do with it as well as his production over the years as I noted in the article Is Jarvis Landry Elite at the time I did not feel he was but Jarvis is still the best WR on the team and for Miami he has provided that spark they needed on offense that will be sorely missed despite the occasional flare up we had to deal with, there was always more good than bad with Landry. Jarvis Landry is a very important player the kind of player that we don’t need to be letting walk away. The Dolphins need more Jarvis Landry’s on the team not less!

Unfortunately this sad situation is a reminder that the NFL is a business and decisions made often fall on the bottom line a line that will soon have our Miami Dolphins and Jarvis Landry parting ways.

What a shame!


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