Reviewing The 2017 Rookie Draft Class

Now that the season is over let’s take a look at our rookie draft class as a unit, overall I’d  give them a B as they all played well at times and there’s promise for all of our rookies.

Unfortunately we lost Raekwon McMillan early in the preseason playing special teams in the first preseason game (I still don’t understand that) I know that they think everybody should play special teams this kid was supposed to be an important piece of our defense and I just don’t think playing special teams and risking injury for important players is in the Dolphins best interest.

No, I’m not the coach but I’ve learned over the years that it doesn’t hurt to question some of the decisions made by some of these coaches and that one is still a head-scratchier for me as to why Raekwon McMillan was playing special teams when he got hurt.

One pleasant surprise and probably the most impressive rookie was Devon Godchild as he played consistently well throughout the season I’m pretty sure there’s some rookie mistakes he’s made some things that he’s learned but he is a valuable part of the rotation and will be for  a long time to come and Vincent Taylor who was drafted right after him also had a pretty decent year that helped create a solid rotation.

The DT spot is now a strength as these young rookies did a good job and I think also lit a fire under Jordan Phillips to help him grow up!

That is one position the Dolphins need not concern themselves with this off-season because we have three young players along with one of the best and the game on our defense so that was very good drafting by the Dolphins to bring in these players who should have a very good future with Miami moving forward.

Miami’s first pick in the draft was Charles Harris defensive end out of Missouri who also play well this year, he did not have as many sacks as we all would hope but he seemed to get better and stronger as a season went on and he was always putting pressure on quarterbacks that will eventually lead to stacks. I see a lot of good with this kid and the great potential for the future he needs to spend the off-season in weight room training and getting stronger and maybe add a few more pounds but this kid is a keeper.

Another rookie who stepped up in a big way (even though there’s some room for him to improve his game) would be corner back Cordrea Tankersley as he supplanted Byron Maxwell as a starter on the corner back spot and now we have two young corner backs that hopefully will grow into the future as shutdown corners for the Dolphins.

In round five Miami selected Isaac Asiata offensive guard out of Utah they decide to Red-shirt him as he did not play a game this year but look for him to come to Camp next year ready to compete for starting job I wouldn’t put it past the Dolphins to maybe take a shot at another Guard sometime in the 2018 draft this year as well or maybe an offensive tackle the only other pic that did not play much was 7 rounder Isaiah Ford wide receiver out of Virginia who I think was injured throughout the year and at most is on the practice squad but as we all know receiver is one of the least needs of the Dolphins as they are loaded at the receiver position.

I look forward to every draft as it is the most exciting part of the off season as it brings new hope for every team to try and make it to the next level.

Hopefully Miami will continue to draft well as this is the future of our teams success or failures.

Fins Up!

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