Taking A Look at the top QB’s in the NFL Draft


In light of some speculation of the Dolphins taking a Quarter Back in the 2018 NFL draft and some even wanting it to be with our first round pick #11 for now I thought it would be nice to show you who these players are and let the speculation begin.

I personally do not feel QB is a first round need though I do agree that it should be addressed sometime in the first 5 rounds I think Miami should go for a developmental QB sometime around or after round 3.

I use CBS Sports NFL Draft Prospects as my guide:

  • Mason Rudolf, QB,  Oklahoma State  6′-5″ 230 LBS
  • Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville 6′-3″ 200 LBS
  • Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA 6′-4″ 220 LBS
  • Sam Darnold, QB, USC, 6′-4″ 225
  • Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 6′-0 216 LBS
  • Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming 6′-5″ 240 LBS
  • Logan Woodside, QB, Toledo 6′-2″ 201 LBS
  • Mike White, QB, Western KT 6-4″ 225 LBS
  • Kyle Lauletta QB Richmond 6′-3″ 215
  • Nick Stevens QB Colorado State 6′-3″ 200 LBS
  • Riley Ferguson, QB, Memphis, 6′-4″ 210 LBS
  • Luke Faulk QB, Washington State 6′-4″ 225 LBS
  • Chase Litton QB Marshall 6′-6″ 223


I will have my mock draft in the very near future and one or more of these names will be on my list.

Stay Tuned!

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