Ryan Tannehill needs to hit the ground running


There are no more excuses for Ryan Tannehill from this point Forward. Ryan needs to do two things next season. First and foremost he needs to BE AVAILABLE,  in a world where it is about what have you done lately after years of taking a beating and being one of the most sacked QB early in his career he kept getting up and playing with out an injury. Now he has missed 19 games and all of last season due to injury and a poor early decision to not have surgery on his knee.

All that is hopefully behind him and the latest reports says he is expected to participate in some capacity during the Dolphins’ off season program, which begins in April ( Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports) 

And Adam Gase did not hesitate to name him our starter for 2018 despite my feelings that Jay Cutler deserves a shot to compete with Tannehill  for the starting job and let the best man win. The Dolphins still need to draft a QB in the upcoming draft I just am not sure they should use their first round pick on one.

Ryan Tannehill will turn 30 years old this year and he has had more than enough starts and he’s had plenty of time to learn what coach Gase wants from him and now it is time for Ryan to take off! I feel the Tannehill can be a top 10 QB in the NFL if things go well for him and the Dolphins next season and that kind of season can lead Miami back to the playoffs.

Tannehill should have a similar season to that of the much maligned but well paid  Alex Smith who had his best season of his career just in time to pay off in a trade to Washington.

That is the second thing we need from Ryan is to play at a top 10 level. That is the only way he will remain a Dolphin for the foreseeable future and win over the dark-side, that would be his detractors.

Ryan brings a lot of good qualities to the table he is tall, mobile can make every throw and had improved on his accuracy under Adam Gase. The last thing they need to accomplish is to score more points (TD’s) and reduce the mistakes (Fumbles and Int’s) and this team is well equipped to do just that.

They have enough talent and hopefully the coaching staff can finally put things together for this team to make advances as they will enter the 2018-9 season with many questions that will only be answered by the most important position on the field the QB.

Hopefully a healthy and well prepared Ryan Tannehill!

I think my theme for this year will be Keeping Hope Alive!

Fins Up!



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