Jordan Phillips All Grown Up

You never really know rookies will ever develop into the player you hoped they would become when you draft them. It takes some players years and others seem to come right into the NFL and play well from day one.

Your hope is always that any early round draft pick will turn out to be a star player especially when you see the true potential and talent that they possess.

Jordan Phillips was drafted by Miami three years ago in the 2nd round pick #52 and the team has been both excited and disappointed in Jordan because he shows amazing potential but in spurts as he has never been able to sustain a high level of play throughout his first 2 and a half years despite being mentored by one of the best DT’s in the game Ndamukong Suh.

Jordan Phillips has finally come on strong the last few weeks of the season and has been a force in the middle. I feel a few things made this happen. The first thing that has made him play better is the play of fellow rookie DT’s Davon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor who has played very well and even Godchaux took over a starting role.

That is why I am a proponent of drafting competition and bringing rookies in to compete for starting jobs against players that are not developing as well as they should just like a certain WR that was drafted in the first round just before Phillips that has also been  a disappointment. It’s time to bring in a WR to challenge for DeVante  Parker for his job. Either free agent or in the draft.

Jordan Phillips needs to now show more consistency and become a consistent week in and week out player that we all hope he can become as he develops into a consistent steady force in the middle and when he is on his game this guy can really cause havoc in the middle.

This year Jordan Phillips has shown justification for keeping him on the roster as he hopefully has another off season of development and maturing and pick up from where he left off this year as one of the up-and-coming young defensive tackles in a game maybe they can now try to salvage some of Ndamukong Suh’s career by allowing him to play less minutes as this guy has been a major workhorse with this defense playing many minutes over the years far too often underappreciated in my opinion.

I also feel his work ethic and mentoring is paying off with Jordan Phillips and the other young defensive tackles that we have on a team so that is a position of strength going to next year that we don’t have to worry about due to the growth and development of Jordan Phillips

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