Final Grade For The 2017 Season


A big fat D is what they get!

The season was a major disappointment and just about every free agent move they made last year did not work, Miami started off the season with a close win against the Chargers only the follow up with the losing ways starting against the Jets and the Saints and bounced back to beat the Titans and the Falcons then they paid back the Jets the following week but the wheels came off October 26th when they were blown out buy the Baltimore Ravens 40 to 0 and the team was inconsistent from that point on anytime a team gets blown out I don’t consider them to be a good team.

Miami was blown out multiple times this season even when the final score might not indicate it.  Truth be told we all had high hopes for this team only to be disappointed and the way they performed they never seem to be able to put together one game where they all play consistently well in fact the only game the whole season was against the Patriots when it seem like everybody played to the level that we all had expected.

Everyone takes the blame for this one from coaching to management to the players. The coaches have to do a better job, management need to stop over paying for players who show up one season when their history has proven that they are inconsistent players. Now we have a roster of inconsistent players who one-year my play well and the next year they don’t play well.

After a history of not playing well they end up in Miami and play well for one season and the Dolphins end up giving them big contracts instead of maybe incentive-laden contracts that I feel they should offer all free agents but overall this team has been a major disappointment.

Yes  they had some injuries and controversies throughout the year, the season started off bad from a poor decision the previous season regarding Ryan Tannehill’s knee. I blame both Ryan Tannehill and management because someone should have been smart enough to realize that his knee injury required surgery even I doubted the decision to not have surgery.

What they were selling at the time that somehow he can rehab his knee wasted a season due to that poor decision that was a catalyst to bring in in Jay Cutler who I feel took way too much criticism, he did a good job. Was he great? No. But he was good, as a matter fact I think the offensive lines issues early on was more the problem than Jay Cutler.  I think the receiver  not understanding their routes was more of a problem than Cutler. I think the players not being  studious as coach mentioned was more of a problem than Jay Cutler.

Jay Cutler did have some stinker games that he is prone to have so Miami regressed this year within the division they went from 2nd place to 3rd place and actually only had one game between them and last place in our division. I think the person who’s going to take the most heat for this will be coach Adam Gase who now is no longer the hero that many thought he was after last season. He now has come back down to earth and if next season is a repeat of this season he most likely will be on the hot seat I don’t think that should be the case because he’s only in year 2 Miami need to stay with Adam and help him grow as a coach. They should stick with this guy and support him until they build this team to be the championship team that we all are hoping for.

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