Grading First Year DC Matt Burke

This was Matt Burke’s first year as a defensive coordinator and I have mixed feelings on the job he did. I personally wanted a more experienced veteran  OC and DC to work with our young head coach. I feel that you can never replace experience and that is why they struggled to establish a true direction and identity this past season.

Burke had never coached the entire defense before and even though they had some improvements overall the Defense still never lived up to their ability or should I say coast as a unit.

With the money Miami is paying for our Defense they should be a top 5 Defense, but they struggled with TE’s as they had limitations on this team especially at the linebacker position, their LB’s were exposed and they were never able to fix the problem all season.

Kiko Alonso is not good in coverage and he is not big enough to play MLB so he is a liability that they need to address how to use him if they keep him. Miami needs to draft another LB high in this years draft.

Miami’s pass rush was not as effective as they would like and now the ageless wonder Cam Wake is starting to show his age as father time is undefeated. Miami’s rookie DE Charles Harris had a quiet season but has shown some potential but another young pass rushing DE is definitely needed and should be addressed this off-season through the draft and or free agency.

I’m looking forward to another year of a heavily defensive draft minus two offensive positions of need which is Quarterback and Tight End other than that I’m looking forward to Miami adding Young defensive players in the draft.

I would give Matt Burke for his rookie season a C grade, I think some of our issues were defensive coaching problems and others were age and lack of talent on defense I’m sure after spending this year in the off-season reviewing all the defensive plays they’ll come up with what they need to do to improve on the roster as well as the coaching.

I happen to like Matt Burke he’s a very intelligent coach and I’m pretty sure he’ll figure out what he needs to do moving forward to improve our defense. Miami’s defense gave up too many points this year averaging  giving up 24 points a game some of that is due to the offenses inefficiency and turnovers that put the defense in a bad spot. The defense started off strong and did a lot to protect this team from some early losses but ultimately age and injuries caught up to them and they tired out midway through the season. They never seem to be the same.

They did not get enough pressure on quarterbacks they did not get enough sacks they gave up too many big plays they  could not get off the field and allowed to many big plays on third down and long.

Hopefully in year 2 for Matt Burke and year 3 for Adam Gase they will finally put it all together and have a more balanced team that can play complementary winning  football week in and week out and make it back to the playoffs.

The Dolphins have made some coaching changes since the end of the season on both sides of the ball as they try to upgrade the coaching staff.

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