Time To Pay Buffalo Back!

Yes I know someone will say that I was just a few weeks back hoping Miami would tank the season and get a top 10 draft pick and with a loss to Buffalo Miami should have a chance to get around the 10th spot or close to it.

But I hate Buffalo for so many reasons that have nothing to do with the current team. I still have flashbacks the 1986–1997: Marv Levy–Jim Kelly era that seemed to always match up well against Miami and destroyed our chances to make it to the  playoffs or advance. They went to 4 straight Superbowl’s and loss all 4 (1990 to 1993) in fact they got embarrassed in one Superbowl game by Dallas 52–17 in 1993. I always felt Miami would have done a better job had they made it past the Bills.

Back to the present Buffalo Bills the same Bills that we swept last year they have a chance to return the favor and they had a small part in derailing our Dolphins this year, two weeks ago when Miami was hanging on by a thin playoff hope the Bills served a ICE COLD beat down on Miami and added dirt to that grave Miami’s been digging for themselves all season long.

Now Buffalo NEEDS a win against Miami to make the playoffs and a defeat will end their chances and YES I WANT MIAMI TO KNOCK THEM OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS! Miami has something to play for: PRIDE, PAYBACK and to be the SPOILER! What’s that saying? “Misery Loves Company” It will be a very pleasing feeling to drive that single nail in the Bills coffin as they come down to our House looking to sweep Miami and make it to the post season. NOT IN OUR HOUSE!

The Bills have taken over second place in the division this year as Miami relinquished their 2nd place spot from last season a season that had many of us hoping we would draw closer to the Patriots but now we have fallen behind the Bills and were just one game ahead of the Jets, remember how the Jets was suppose to be tanking the season? Well we found out early on that that was not true as they just about shut Miami out up in New York.

Let’s be honest it’s not like Buffalo has a snowballs chance in hell to win the Superbowl just like Miami they have some work to do to catch New England just like all three of the New England enablers in the AFC East for decades.

Miami, Buffalo and the Jets have been gifting the Patriots just about 6 games per season as they have dominated our division for well over a decade.

The good news is all three teams seem to have good coaching the bad news is all three teams still have questions at the Quarterback position with IMO a healthy Ryan Tannehill the best 2nd place Quarterback in the division.

So I am looking forward towards today’s game and hope Miami will serve a nice worm plate of revenge and avoid being swept by the Bills and offer up a little payback for not only this year but the ugly years of the nineties when they proved to be the road block that prevented Don Shula and Dan Marino from making it to the Superbowl a few more times in their era.

That’s more than enough reasons to want Buffalo to go down today!

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