Time to move on from Matt Moore!

As many of you who are my regular readers know I am not a big Matt Moore fan never have been, I don’t think he’s a good quarterback and I don’t think he’s as good a backup as many claim him to be, in fact I think Miami wasted money and time and a roster spot on him all the years he’s been here.

It’s time for Miami to move on from Matt Moore (yes call me a hater if you want) it’s time for Miami to get serious with the quarterback position and in keeping Matt Moore they are not serious with the quarterback position.

Here’s how they get serious; jettison Matt Moore, bring back Jay Cutler to fight with Ryan Tannehill and draft a rookie as high as they can and open up the job for the best man who wins. That is how you get serious with the quarterback position by have legitimate competition.

Matt Moore has made a very good living holding the clip board and has done a good job of coming in as a relief and playing well but this year proved what I always knew about Matt Moore is that he is not a starting QB and he is not a true competitor because he has been content to just sit back and be the backup.

You can bet that bringing back Jay Cutler and drafting a young top QB will make things interesting and bring out he best at the QB position for Miami. I like Ryan Tannehill but it’s truly time to push him for his job. I happen to think the most talented QB on the team is Jay Cutler the problem is his inconsistency but I will give him a pass because he had to take time to build chemistry with his receivers.

Cutler will make Ryan Tannehill  take his game to the next level to retain his starting job and the true benefactor of this whole scenario would be the Rookie QB they draft because he will be a hand picked player by this regime and he will be tossed into the fire and hopefully arise as our future QB battle tested.

That is how we solve our QB position and it all starts by moving on from Matt Moore, Ryan Tannehill’s security blanket and create true competition in Miami.

I bet that would create an excitement at the QB position that has never been seen before in Miami. Cost be dammed because it is that important that they solve the QB position for now and the future and legitimate competition is the only way.

QB problem solved!

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