Adam Gase Beats The Chess Master

Adam Gase finally got his first win against the Chess Master and what an exciting game it was! I actually saw for the first time this year what I expected from Miami all season. May this be the first of many more to go for Adam Gase as he learns how to match up against the G.O.A.T.
I am now backtracking from my stance on losing out and getting a high draft pick and I am now totally on board with hoping that they can win the final three games and make it into the playoffs for a second straight season, which would be of greater benefit than anything.
I was hopeless just a few weeks ago and once again Adam Gase is making me eat my words as I have to consider the possibility this Dolphins team truly does have the ability to beat anybody and if they could make it to the playoffs who knows what they can do, they appear to be on a hot streak and could do some damage.

Now I’m not predicting Super Bowl yet but I’m anxiously awaiting the next few games to see what they can do, there’s no greater test coming up then to play the second place Buffalo Bills who is in the way of Miami making the playoffs. Miami play Buffalo two of their last three games. a sweep of the Bills this year could potentially catapult them into the playoffs so let’s see where they go.
Now with this last win the coach has put me in a very bad situation as I had been preaching the last few weeks about looking for a high draft pick and tanking the season. The reality is this team still has a (slim) chance to make the playoffs.

As your Dolphin Seer for any of you who have disagreed with my stance I must give you credit for standing firm and as I eat my words I’m excited once again of the possibility of this team advancing to the playoffs and if they play the way they played Monday throughout the season going into the playoffs they should be one of the hottest teams in the league, but first let’s keep an eye on second place in our division as we have an opportunity to take over second-place in the AFC East by beating the Buffalo Bills this weekend and hopefully sweep in them this season (just like last season).

It’s not going to be an easy task for Miami to make it to the playoffs but the road goes through Buffalo and this game Sunday is a must win to advance.

Go Miami!

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