Adam Gase Playing Checkers?

I was so excited when the Dolphins hired Adam Gase after he turned the corner in his first season as Miami’s head coach. I felt it was just a matter of time before the Dolphins would push the Patriots and head coach Bill Blelchick to the limit. I wrote an article entitled The Chess Master

I acknowledged: Bill Belichick is a Grand-master (and that) when it is all said and done Bill Belichick most likely will be considered one of the greatest coaches of all time if not the greatest. (He will Never surpass Don Shula in my mind NEVER!)

I strongly believed that or wiz kid Coach would devise a scheme and game plan that would seriously challenge the great “Grand-master Bill Belichick ” but to date Miami has been not only beaten by New England but BLOWN OUT the last three times they have played the Patriots.

Coach Gase used the analogy of playing chess as to why he likes to call the plays during the game and so far has refused to give up that duty.

The problem is that Gase is not playing Chess in fact he just might lose big-time playing checkers against the GOAT from New England. To put it succinctly Adam Gase is playing Checkers while Bill Belichick is playing not just Chess but at the highest level one can play the game.

Want proof?

How’s this for proof:

Adam Gase first matched wits against New England in a game up in New England Sunday Sep 18, 2016 that started off looking like  a complete blow out as Miami went into the half down 24-3 but Miami did a decent job in the 2nd half but fell short 31-24 leaving some of us with hopes of possibly splitting the season especially when you consider that Miami (under young first year wanna be chess Master Adam Gase) broke off a win streak starting week 6 of the 2016 season that had me thinking playoffs and beyond.

Miami; prior to playing their second game against New England in 2016 had won 9 of their last 10 games but lost Ryan Tannehill 3 weeks before they played New England at home in Miami.

So I am sure Adam Gase felt good about his chances despite not having Ryan Tannehill as his Quarterback. Less he forgot he was going up against the chess master who is just as adept at beating you in your own backyard.

Sure enough the Grand Master put a whipping on the young wannabe and the irony of it all is that score of 35-14 (a beat down) is basically the same whipping they have served our Dolphins earlier this season 35-17. So New England has averaged 33.6 points per game to Miami’s 18.

So we come to this Monday night and our young checker playing head coach will once again face the Grand Master and all we can hope for is that Adam Gase will bring the right pieces to the game and not the ones that are RED & Black!

We shall see Monday Night!

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