Dolphins Beat Denver

Miami finally end their 5 game losing streak against the Denver Broncos 35-9, in a game that actually helps Denver more than Miami in the long haul. I am not upset that Miami won but I still say it causes more damage than good in the big picture as this team is headed nowhere and next weeks game against the Patriots will most likely put that final nail in the coffin of our 2017 season.

There were a few interesting things and signs that this team can be good sometime in the future. The defense thrived off of turnovers and played very well, the offense  had  good rhythm  and balanced play calling.

Jay Cutler threw for 235 yards 2 TD’s and 2 Int’s and had a very sold game some passes were under thrown and I will blame one of the INT’s on him. Kenyan Drake had a very good outing with his first full time start and can use the rest of the season to solidify his starting role if he continues to put up the numbers he did this day 23 carries for 120 yards and 1 rushing TD along with 3 receptions for 21 yards.

The defense had 3 sacks, 3 int’s (one a pick 6) and 2 safeties as they dominated Denver’s inexperienced QB who threw 19 of 41 for 200 yards and 3 int’s.

So Miami was able to get off the losing streak against an even worse Denver team now dropping their 8th straight game and putting first year head coach and former Dolphins DC Vance Joseph on shaky ground.

It was curious to see the Dolphins up by 23 points late in the game after scoring to go for an onside kick and get the ball back and even though they did nothing with that possession (I think they went three and out) to me it was a classless bush league move that should be etched on the minds of Vance and all the players on Denver and even John Elway.

I also felt it was classless by Miami to even do that and would love for them to justify such a move as well as passing deep for a big play in the final minutes of the game as if to rub it in.

Vance proved to be just as petty at the end of the game calling useless time outs and making both teams play two extra downs that served no purpose and could have resulted in unnecessary injuries on either side.

So now this win most likely have dropped Miami out of the top 10 in the 2018 draft and will result in them heading in the same direction they have maintained for the past decade that has lead to the mediocre team we have now.

I am not upset over the win just disappointed.

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