The Dolphins Are Truly Having A Great Season!


This season is truly a blessing in disguise for the Miami Dolphins as long as they both learn from it and make the correct decisions moving forward to fix things. We were all fooled by the first season under Adam Gase and what appeared to be a promising future for both the team and coach. This second season is almost the polar opposite as the Dolphins (facing a tougher schedule) have not had the same success in games that they did against the weaker teams last year.

This 2017 season has exposed what was an apparent belief by many (Including Me) that this team was truly headed in the right direction and was ready to handle the next level of competition. Well being shut out twice (Almost 3 times) and blown out twice and having a 4-7 record has shown me enough that I realize that this Dolphins team is far away from being a true contender.

This season is technically not over due to the parity or weakness of the AFC conference however one might see things, but the way Miami has played it would almost be counterproductive to win games when there is nothing to gain by winning at this point and much more to lose. (See High draft Pick Article)

This season has shown that the Dolphins are more closer towards the bottom of the league than headed out of the middle of the pack the unfortunate thing is next year Miami will face a supposedly weaker schedule and might once again look like a contender.

It will most likely take the 2019 season to get a real idea if the Dolphins are headed in the right direction.

It requires taking an honest look at themselves and identify the problems that exist. They also have a lot of decisions to make going forward with the current roster as there are major issues that need to be addressed when it comes to the expense of some of the salaries they have under contract from what to do at QB to maybe a need to get better coaches on the staff.

In conclusion I am very disappointed in this season because I thought this team was headed in the right direction and even though I do not want Miami to overreact in making the decisions they will make it is time to stop thinking that they are close because they just are not and when they realize that they need to upgrade the talent and maybe coaching.

We are headed towards a very interesting offseason that will be exciting to follow and hopefully they can garner as many draft picks as they can headed up to the 2018 NFL draft as they need more youth and talent on this roster.

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