DeVante Parker: Tease or A Bust?


At best he is a tease but it seems more like he’s headed to BUSTVILLE as Parker has been so disappointing ever since being drafted. Availability is the biggest thing as this guy is often hurt, missing games and unable to play at a high level if injured if at all.

He has all the tools, height, Size, catch radius, speed and will make a play here and there that can get you excited. But at the end of now three years we are seeing what has been his issues ever since his college days.

After an offseason of trying to prop this guy up by the team and the coaching staff he has once again proven that he is more unavailable than available and is more a teaser than pleaser.

The good thing is it will not take a big offer to keep him on the team if they should choose to even consider that option. He will not get an early contract extension and will play out his final year under contract with Miami having to make a decision on his future. I personally feel he is never going to meet expectations and Miami would be wise to dump him like a bad date and get a pick for him (3rd or better) in a trade.

Parker is averaging 6 games a season starting in his three seasons in Miami. He’s had foot and hamstring and now ankle issues that have prevented him from playing. One could question his toughness when you have a player like Jarvis Landry who has not missed a game and takes way more punishment as a slot WR.

In our last game vs the Bucks he is partly responsible for two of Jay Cutler’s three interceptions.

I am tired of underperforming players and though I happen to like Parker I feel he lacks that fire and competitiveness that the top players in the game have. I often wished somehow we could transplant Jarvis Landry personality into DeVante Parker’s body we would have the best WR to have ever played the game.

Unfortunately things don’t work that way and we are stuck with another tease that is busting in Miami and the fear is if/when they part ways he will become the best receiver ever for the next team he plays for…..sigh!

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