Time to Evaluate Everything!


As this season winds down and the final six games play out now is the time for Miami’s management to evaluate everything. There seems to be a consistent problem with the Dolphins that has lingered for years and through various management teams and coaching staffs.

Football starts at the Line (Offensive and Defensive) and even though Miami has always maintained good defensive lines they have had problems putting together good offensive lines.

Despite investing heavily in signing free agents and drafting high Miami has been unfortunate when it comes to their offensive line. From Richie Incognito to Chris Forester there have been distractions and disappointments that have been never ending. Bust from free agency to high draft picks. Drug issues with the O-line coach being the latest. Miami needs to continue working on a solution on the offensive line side of the ball.

The Dolphins also seem to have issue on the Defensive line mostly ageing. Miami’s defense front is old and they need to address that issue. I think Miami needs to invest this next draft heavily on the defensive side of the ball again. They made a mistake two years ago in not drafting defensively. Had they done so we would have had the past two drafts to have infused youth onto the defensive side of the ball.

The backside of the defense is ok as far as age but the young CB’s are getting OJT and hopefully will continue to develop into better players but it would be a good thing to bring in better competition to push them. The Safeties are the most secure position with Reshad Jones and T.J. McDonald back there but now is the time to add some more talented young players to back them up.

Miami needs to draft LB’s high in fact if they can get one in round two to pair with Raekwon McMillan and also draft one in maybe the 4th round that would be helpful.

The Dolphins also need to address the cap issues facing them as they are headed into some murky waters and need to avoid cap hell. The salaries they have signed to players recently are looking like bad decisions. Some of these players are not playing up to their salaries Kiko Alonzo is not looking like a good move, Andre Branch is also not playing that well IMO and even though Ndamukong Suh is a beast he would be better served to play for a contender as Miami needs to lower expectations and salaries.

The QB situation is another area where they need to blow up. I feel they should keep Ryan Tannehill and with a potential high draft pick evaluate the QB position in the Draft and draft a top QB to become both the backup and future replacement QB. It’s time to get rid of all the other QB’s they are wasting time and money on.

Miami needs to address Jarvis Landry’s contract and pay him. They also need to let DeVante Parker play out his rookie contract or trade him (I would like to trade him). I would love for them to bring in another veteran WR to blend in with this current group as well as draft a WR high if they trade Parker. I will explore more in my draft series this season. It’s time to move on from Grant he is not working out.

Miami should also look to bring in a veteran RB to blend in with our current RB’s as well as draft one in the middle rounds as high as 3rd round maybe I will also be exploring the RB’s in my draft series.

Miami needs to draft a young talented TE in fact I felt they should have done that this past draft. It’s time to get young TE’s to supplant our current TE group.

Adam Gase needs to evaluate his entire coaching staff and maybe make some changes when he says his receivers do not know where they are suppose to be and might not know the playbook as well as they should can you question the WR’s coach? Same for any player group that is not playing well, I also feel Gase needs to relinquish his play calling duties because he has too much on his plate that needs to be done and delegating that responsibility might be a better option.

Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier needs to work with our young head coach to help him through his growing pains.

There is much to do as this team is a long way away from competing legitimately for a championship as this season helped us to see so I feel it starts with blowing things up and lowering expectations and acquiring as many draft picks they can to add youth and talent to this roster.

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