National Embarrassments Almost Over!


Just one more national ass kicking to go?

The National spotlight has not been kind to our Dolphins in the third of four prime time games (If they don’t reschedule game 4) Miami has tanked in two of them and lost one that they should have won. Once again the offense stunk up the joint and the once surprising Defense has now joined the offense in stinking up the place.

I did not think Miami would win the game but was hoping they would keep it close. That did not happen and now at 4-5 they are two games away from my NFL Draft talk as I start to look at the needs for next season as this one is closing out fast.

I am really shocked that the offense is as bad as it has been consistently throughout the season I am baffled that they are not taking more shots down the field and I am also baffled that Damien Williams is starting at running back over the bigger faster Kenyon Drake.

This dink and dunk offense is both boring and frustrating to watch and to have the speed, height and talent that they do at Wide Receiver position and to throw short passes even when down by 20 points is crazy.

Taking shots down the field can create big plays and you have two things that can go well, a catch for a long play or pass interference call but to not even attempt to throw the ball down the field especially when down by 20 points is mind boggling!

This team is lost in the wilderness and the schedule is unforgiving as we have yet to play New England or Buffalo and we have Tampa, Kansas City and Denver on the schedule and maybe just maybe we can win at least two of the remaining games as this season is looking bleaker by the week.

The only true highlight was the Kenyan Drake 66 yards TD run that was our first rushing TD of the season. The game was lost in the first half just before halftime when with less than a minute to go instead of running the clock down and going into the half down 10 -7, Jay Cutler throws an interception and that was a major momentum changer as the Panthers would turn that mistake into a TD that put the game away.

The Panthers (having deferred in the first half) took the first drive in the third quarter and really put the game away, and they were unstoppable from that point forward.

This has been the most disappointing stretch of games I can ever recall as this team has been an embarrassment on to many occasions and nationally.

They barely avoided a complete shutout against the Jets, only to get shut out in London vs. the Saints. They lose to the Ravens 40-0 and now this latest 45-21 beat down is proof that the preseason projections that I refused to believe were correct this team most likely will not make the playoffs and will need to reevaluate  the way they are spending money on these high priced players.

Defensively they are breaking down and they need to infuse more youth in this unit. I am at a loss for words as to what needs to happen to fix this team that fooled me into thinking we had a shot.

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