Time To Lower Expectations?

Unfortunately Miami seems headed for a rough 2nd year under Adam Gase. This 2017-18 Dolphins team has been somewhat of a surprise as we thought that the Defense would be the weak link with much to prove when it’s been our offense that has struggled so far this season with a glimmer of hope with the loss to the Raiders this past week.

I am not as disappointed because I actually do think we have a good coach who will get the team headed in the right direction but much like in 2008 when then new head coach Tony Sparano won the division with an 11-5 record expectations were high the following seasons only to end up having a disappointing 4 seasons of mediocrity.

I never felt Tony Sparano was a good head coach and was not confident that he would produce a winning team.

That is not the case with Adam Gase our young 2nd year head coach who had a very impressive 2016-17 season, winning 10 games and making the playoffs. That has raised expectations for this season, but it also (much like in 2008) made our schedule tougher and this second season will most likely end up being a learning lesson to let them know they are not good enough to compete with the better teams in the NFL.

The one thing that I use to judge if our team is at least capable of being a playoff contender is if they never get blown out in the season, well the Ravens who seems to have Miami’s number did just that for a second season. The 40 -0 beat-down Miami received at the hands of Baltimore was for a second season a sign that this Dolphins team  is not at that level where they can beat the better teams in the NFL.

The NFL now comprises of three types of teams:

  1. The really good teams that year in and out are playoff bound and contenders
  2. The middle of the pack teams that are trying to get to the next level
  3. The perennial losers that always seem to be bottom dwellers

The Dolphins have been stuck in that middle stage for the past decade or so with a little teaser like in 2008 and last season. Winning just enough to miss out on a very high draft pick, but not good enough to really have a shot at a Super Bowl Title.

I am not dismayed more than I just want them to do whatever they can to get it right and it’s going to take another off-season to try and improve the roster with the talent that will get this team over the hump.

I do like this coaching staff I feel they are truly competent and I do like quite a few of our players. Miami needs to not overreact at season’s end but make a few adjustments to this roster and with another GOOD DRAFT add youth and depth to this roster.

They also need to navigate their way out of what appears to be an approaching cap hell in the near future by renegotiating a few contracts and not allow the good talent like (Jarvis Landry) get away.

I have lowered my expectations as I do not see too many more wins for Miami this season but I will keep hope alive until that magic number (7) in the loss Colum is reached and I turn towards the Draft for next year.

Until then I will sit and cheer this team on and hope for the best but realistically I realize there is so much more work that needs to be done before we reach level one of the 3 tier level in the NFL.


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