Is The Best Yet To Come?


I find it so funny how some fans and media folks don’t realize how good this Dolphins team can be. There are doubters everywhere. Vegas before the season had Miami at 71/2 wins for the season, ESPN’s latest power rankings despite the Dolphins being 4-2 have them ranked 20th while a 3-3 Dallas is ranked 5th, 3-3 Houston is ranked 9th, 3-4 Raiders ranked 10th, 3-3 Washington is ranked 11th, 3-3 Atlanta (who Miami beat) ranked 12th, 3-3 Lions ranked 16th, 3-3 Broncos 17th, 3-4 Chargers (who Miami beat) 18th.

The Dolphins have yet to play their best game and in fact the offense is just now starting to come to life and still have plenty of room for improvement and if you keep in mind that they are 4-2 with what they have had to deal with this season from losing their starting QB, Relocating due to a hurricane, losing their bye week, the issues with the Line coach just to name a few. (No excuse just the facts)

I say if you take into consideration all the distractions this team has faced for them to be 4-2 and still not playing close to the expectations on offense is truly amazing. But we know nobody really cares about our issues. And this team has never used any excuse but has put their heads down and moved forward one game at a time.

I feel that even some of our own fans don’t truly appreciate what this team has accomplished to date when you consider how many have bemoaned the tough wins this team has dragged out. I recall after they eked out a home win against the Titans (who by the way gave Miami a beat down in Miami last season) you’d of thought the Dolphins lost the game as angry as some fans and media personalities were.

I have made a point on what makes a good team and one of my first points were that they win their home games. To date the Dolphins are 2-0 at home and lost the game in London that also counts as a home game. But in Hard Rock Stadium they are undefeated. Also the Dolphins are 2-1 on the road which is a very good sign if they can maintain a two to one ratio if they can win 5 or 6 road games. Also having played the Jets twice find themselves 1-1 within the division the other place I feel good teams need to have a winning record.

Miami now enters the meat of their schedule, no game moving forward is a gimme as if any ever were…?

We will soon find out how good this team can be because they have the 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL from this point forward and most of the teams they play from here on out are in the playoff hunt. We have yet to play the two toughest teams in our division New England & Buffalo which can easily at best end up 2-2  or better hopefully.

The upcoming schedule will determine Miami’s fate and if this team can get their act together considering how they stand at 4-2 today some minds will change and anybody who took the over like I suggested will have a little more change in their pockets.

There are no more breaks this team needs to man up and get their act together or we will find ourselves with a losing record over the next half of the season. I feel there is so much more that they have the potential to do and if they can get clicking on all cylinders they can win the majority of the remaining games. Unfortunately the opposite is also true they have the potential to lose the majority of the remaining games and if so it is back to the drawing board.

Look for some very exciting games ahead.

Fins Up!

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