Adam Gase (The Rudder)

After over a decade of being like a rudderless ship the Miami Dolphins finally have direction. Now when the Dolphins run into obstacles or when a storm (Irma) rolls through, this team (once the class of the NFL) is no longer aimlessly drifting at sea or lost in the wilderness like they have been this past decade, but they steer right through on their way to their destination.

Not to belabor the point but this past decade plus since the retirement of the greatest head coach in Dolphin and NFL history Don Shula was forced to retire the Football Gods has finally forgiven the Dolphins for that huge mistake and blessed us with our Young fiery  leader.

Adam Gase is such a welcomed addition to the team after we had to go through purgatory and banishment by the football Gods. It’s like I am waking up from a nightmare starring the past 10 plus years of previous coaching. Adam Gase has changed the direction of this team that seemed to be going in circles for far too long and now have them headed towards the top of our division and back to respectability.

Adam also has the right temperament, personality and attitude that gets his players to play and that is proven by the record 12 for 12 in late game wins by 7 points or less. He is young enough to relate to the players but stern enough to avoid players going too far. He does a good job of communicating with his players and the media. He is well liked by just about everybody (Winning Helps) It looks like we have the coach of the future and that bodes well for success as the most successful teams have long tenured coaches.

Gone is the hint of dysfunction despite going through controversy, players going AWOL, Hurricanes, Drug Addicted Coach scandal, losing their Bye just to name a few season killing issues.

The Fact that this Dolphins team surprised everyone by making it to the playoffs after starting 1-4 last year and is 4-2 this seasons with so many distractions a combined 14-8 record to date is so remarkable.

In Gase we trust! That is the sentiment many share about our young head coach. Is he perfect? No! He can sometimes come off a smart-ass , cocky, pouting, stubborn to borderline belligerent in spurts.

They say the team usually takes on the personality of the coach and that seems to be the difference in Miami because this team is a fighter and they have that never quit, next man up mentality as they have proven to be very successful.

The Dolphins are not yet at the level of the Patriots but a year and a half into the tenure  of our new coach they are closing the gap and headed in the right direction thanks to our new rudder Adam Gase.

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