The Regression of Kenyan Drake?

Drafted last year in round three, Kenyan Drake was a major contributor starting out on special teams and also had some successful runs in a few games. I immediately liked this kid he has size and speed and can catch the ball pretty well. I had hoped that this year he would develop into our number 2 RB and possibly flourish in roles like screen passes, short passes to get him into open space and just relieving the need to overuse Jay Ajayi.

Unfortunately this year I have not noticed the development of Drake, in fact he has been limited to just 4 attempts in our first 6 games of the season. Contrast that with Jay Ajayi’s 125 attempts in our first 6 games.

I am not sure why the sophomore slump has plagued Drake and I am very disappointed in both Drake and the Dolphins for wasting his talents that I feel is not being utilized. I have heard Adam Gase make some references to the fact that Kenyan needs to play the way they want him to and cut down on mistakes but even if he is making mistakes I find it hard to see how he can improve by not playing him.

Kenyan is still young and needs to develop that fire and competitiveness that shows he WANTS the ball and not just sit there and watch along the sidelines. I just have this feeling that Drake could potentially be the best RB on the team with his speed and flexibility as a run/pass player.

Miami’s run game is just too predictable as defenses are stacking the box and keying in on shutting down Jay Ajayi with success as Ajayi is averaging 3.5 YPC.  I feel a change of pace RB with a little more speed is one of the answers Miami need to explore to spice up the running game and to me that is the perfect role for Drake.

As for now I am extremely disappointed in how this kid is being or should I say not being used and with this season ticking along I am hopeful that somehow someway I will see the development of Drake and him being utilized better in our offense.

More use of Kenyan Drake would relieve some of the wear and tear on Jay Ajayi and force defenses to have to adjust to a different style of running that can open up more opportunities for the entire offense.

I Know I am not a coach and at best an armchair second guessing avid fan who just wants this Dolphins team to do better especially on offense.  Kenyan Drake just might be part of the answer.

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