For the second week in a row the Miami Dolphins blow an opportunity and now find themselves 0 – 2.

This game clearly showed that Miami is not even close to being on the same level as New England it’s going to take them awhile to catch up to the Patriots.

Without Tom Brady and eventually after their backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was forced out of the game due to an injury the Patriots still were able to beat Miami 31 -24.

The shocking thing about the game was  before he was injured Jimmy Garoppolo was able to basically destroy Miami’s defense he scored on each possession threw for over 200 yards and three touchdowns before going out with an injury in the 2nd quarter.

I am not sure what it’s going to take for this Dolphins defense to do two things well, tackle and stop the run.

LeGarrette Blount ran through them like Swiss cheese, poor tackling poor angles, our MLB being run over because he is not big enough prevented this team from being Stout against the Run.

Despite all of that, all the Dolphins defense had to do with 6 minutes to go in the game was to get off the field to give our offense more time for the winning drive.

Despite having a rookie quarterback with limited plays to call,  everyone knew that New England had to run the ball and the one player that they were relying on was LeGarrette Blount and for whatever reason we could not stop LeGarrette Blount as he ran through Miami’s defense and gained over a hundred yards and was a catalyst in the final drive to prevent Miami from having an opportunity to win the game as they ran out of time.

Ryan Tannehill threw  the final interception to seal the win for New England.

We can’t put it all on the defense as in the first half Ryan Tannehill and the offense were pathetic in fact I was ready to write an article about maybe it’s time to move on from Ryan Tannehill after his first-half performance.

But his second-half performance gives him a reprieve

This Dolphin team with their new head coach need to find themselves, they need to come together and put a complete game together. They need to come up with better game planning to beat their opponents they’ve shown the  ability to make adjustments in the game on offense, the difference  was just lost throughout the game.

I am somewhat disappointed in the defense because I expected a better performance from them and considering that New England did not have Tom Brady and the best tight end the game Rob Gronkowski I have no clue how our team was still dominated by New England.

The better coaching staff won our young coach will hopefully learn some lessons from this game, review it, put it in a file cabinet and move on to the home opener against the Cleveland Browns.

It’s not totally surprising that  Miami start off of losing their first two games, when we looked at the schedule the possibility of that being the case was high. What is frustrating is Miami could easily be 1-1 or 2-0 right now if they played better and avoided some of the mistakes that cost them both games.

Sunday turnovers as well as penalties hurt Miami, especially late in the game. Fumbles, interceptions and defensive penalties gave New England more time to make that final score that basically put the game out of reach.

Miami need to clean this up or they’ll lose even to Cleveland and if that happens welcome to Miami Adam Gase and the murmurs soon to follow.



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