Bring Back Mike Nolan!

The last time the Dolphins defense was any good it was run by Mike Nolan the current linebackers coach for the San Diego Chargers how ironic that we have a guy running this teams defense who is probably better suited to be the corner backs coach while the Chargers have one of the top defensive minds running their linebackers.

If the Dolphins had any sense they should do whatever they can to bring back Mike Nolan and put him in charge of our defense once again because when he left they were a top defense in the NFL.

In fact he should have been the guy considered for the interim head coach.

2 thoughts on “Bring Back Mike Nolan!”

  1. I have maintained the opinion that the players we have now are better suited for the 3-4 than the 4-3

  2. Not so fast….under Nolan we/he ran a 3-4, he also did that in Atlanta, and we saw the demise there.
    Currently our defensive roster is comprised of mostly 4-3 type players. It would be too much change for now.

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