Why A May Draft Is Not A Good Idea For the NFL

Future Dolphin???

It never really hit me until now why pushing the draft back to May instead of the traditional April Drafts is not such a good idea. There are now several reasons why I find issue with the draft being in May. One reason is it has allowed too much dead time and now we have had so many updates on many draft guru’s mock drafts. Fortunately I have avoided this and have just allowed my original (First Take) to stand and will have only one final mock hopefully soon 🙂

The Month of April has suffered after the original first week of free agency, in the past we had the draft to look forward to soon after free agency part 1. This lull has done nothing but delayed a process that to me was perfectly arranged.

Last year we had a problem with Rookies not being in position to come to training camp because certain colleges did not have graduation until sometime after training camp. Dion Jordan was one who had to wait before he came to camp and that hurt his development as he missed important time and coupled with his injury he had a below average season, hopefully this full offseason program will benefit our young future “Pro Bowl” DE/OLB pass rushing specialist as I expect a major jump in his development much like a second season for Olivier Vernon produced.

What the impetus for this article was is when Miami this past week officially began their offseason conditioning program(http://www.miamidolphins.com/news/article-1/Excitement-Abounds-As-Offseason-Program-Starts/173f3c16-354d-4357-99a3-416b894d24a0) it is time to get in the facility and begin the work needed to take our team beyond mediocrity and into the playoffs…

With the draft being pushed back to May 8th our rookies will not have the privilege to join in what has been termed “The First Day of School” and will lose very valuable time and start off behind the veterans in joining their team because they have yet to be drafted. When the draft was in April our Rookies (most) were here on day one of the offseason program. Now that is no longer the case and that is the reason more than any as to why I feel a May draft is not a good idea. Rookies have the hardest time adjusting to the NFL life and to not be there day one of offseason programs and missing out on the bonding and camaraderie especially for any rookies is not a good idea. I know every team in the NFL have the same disadvantage but that it is a disadvantage is all the more reason it is not a good idea.

So what do you think? Do you like the new format and should it be permanent? Or are you like me old, grumpy, set in your ways and slow to change? Or is my point about the disadvantage for teams and their rookies a valid point? (Side note: I will avoid a poll because I don’t want to see proof that I am old and grumpy)

As always we invite your comments so CHIME IN!

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