The Cart Before The Horse!

Not sure why it’s hard to understand and or see but there is something wrong AGAIN on how the Dolphins are handling the hiring of the most important person on the football operations side of things the GM. Ideally a GM should come in with a CLEAN SLATE an empty house and he should do the hiring of the coach because if you are looking for a GM there was a failure somewhere that caused the former GM to be fired.

Jeff Ireland’s fate was in the hands of the head coach as the owner once again seems to not understand that it is the HEAD COACH who failed to deliver on his end of the bargain this season. The GM was praised for his off-season moves only to see a coaching staff fail to win games they should have won and beat at least 3-4 teams that made the playoffs this year.

The same defensive players who played a 3-4 defense and was a top defense on the rise took a huge step backwards in the 4-3 under Kevin Coyle, the offense with more legitimate weapons this year did not play aggressive enough as the OC (also fired) failed to do a good job of calling plays or putting players in position to make plays.

Joe Philbin is not the most inspiring coach you would want leading you into battle and his demeanor reflected by the team is the reason they seemed like they were on a picnic when it was all on the line the last two weeks of this disappointing season.  There is plenty of blame to go around but more of it falls on Joe Philbin who is getting a pass from the Owner who once again just like the time he went after Harbaugh before firing Tony Sparano only to come back empty-handed and extend Tony’s contract a year only to fire him the very next season as he was a lame duck coach with no shot of winning. He also was a bad coach.

Now what are the Dolphins doing? They are interviewing offensive coordinators BEFORE hiring the next GM and they are saying to whoever that GM is we are strapping you to Joe Philbin, yes that same guy whose team laid an egg the last two weeks of the season and got the former GM fired!  So instead of coming in with a clean slate the owner is repeating a similar mistake by assuring Philbin will be the scapegoat next season and strapping the hands of whomever they bring in as GM with a HC who cost Jeff Ireland his job. I do not get how they can go down this same stupid path that Wayne and Ross have traveled these past 12+ years.

When will they get it that BOTH the GM and the HC are responsible for losses if the team lacks talent more blame should go on the GM but if your team has the talent and they do not live up to it than it’s the coach that should be scrutinized.

Unfortunately the Owner seems to want to give an undeserving Joe Philbin 15-17 in two seasons more power and a vote of confidence that he has not earned even allowing him to have the power equal or greater than the GM maybe that’s why there was a parting of ways?  This is backwards, it’s putting the cart before the horse and nothing good will come of it but another wasted season and more finger-pointing backstabbing and firings next season if we go 8-8 or worse! Way to endear potential GM’s!

6 thoughts on “The Cart Before The Horse!”

  1. I think it was a mistake to go to the 4-3 when with the 3-4 they were a top defense. All the players on the team are better suited for the 3-4 IMO. I agree he should have been fired as well as the O-Line coach, QB coach……HC?

  2. I don’t see a problem with interviewing now as that is information gathering which can then be passed onto the new GM – no Co-ordinators should be appointed until the GM is in place.

    I am glad that Sherman is gone but Coyle should be out as well since in some respects he has done a worse job then Sherman. The run defense ranking has plummeted , in some games the pass rush disappeared and he has also been out coached. He didn’t fully utilise Jordan , who we traded up for – an excuse was his run defending but given how bad the team was that doesn’t hold any water. Did he misuse the new LBs as well.

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