Kudos To The Miami Dolphins!


As the overactive media act like children and feats off of the “BULLY GATE” issue the Dolphins organization (except for some early missteps) have taken the correct approach on a subject that many ex players are even chiming in on. (I will not even get into comments by players like Warren Sapp who I am sure never heard or used the N word  prior to his claims that Richie Incognito called him one.)

They have remained silent and is letting the storm die down because in an area where they are used to hurricanes (Actual ones) they have discerned the difference between rain, tropical storms, and category 5 hurricanes and somehow when the sky clears I feel that this media driven issue will turn out to be at the very worst between a rain shower and a and flash thunderstorm.

In a statement the owner says:

“I want to thank Commissioner Goodell for moving quickly to appoint Ted Wells as special counsel on this matter. He has an impeccable reputation and we look forward to fully cooperating with the review. We take this situation seriously. As the owner, I am committed to creating a professional environment for all of the members of the Dolphins family. Once the review is completed and I have all of the facts, we will respond accordingly.”

No need to board up the facility, buy extra batteries, stock up on food or even catch the next flight out-of-town other than to Tampa Bay for the next game. I wrote an article about TMZ reporting and this is a Buffet for the media and they are starved and going in for more.

While to the credit of the team they have conducted business as usual and hopefully with a win on Monday Night in a game that could not come any sooner and now will be more entertaining for MNF thanks to this hyped up drama.

So while some will use this opportunity to pounce on the players involved, ones who are not, our GM, Our HC and everybody who ever bullied someone the Dolphins have wisely remained as quite as possible and took the appropriate steps to resolve this issue by having the NFL come in and deal with it.

So Kudos to the Dolphins owner and management team for not overreacting along with the rest of the sports media and allowing time and an independent investigation that will hopefully recommend that we might want to take an umbrella because the forecast is for a chance of showers with some thunder and lightning but clear sky’s are soon to follow.

So once again to this fan it makes me proud of this organization to not get off track even when problems arrive, they have handled this so far with a B+ grade and the final grade can be just as good if they can find a win/win resolution one I am hoping for in which both players now away from their team find their way back home and out of the rain.

1 thought on “Kudos To The Miami Dolphins!”

  1. Ross is doing ok – not sure about Philbin and the turnabout over letting players talk to the media after telling them not to (allegedly)
    Don’t see how Martin returns to the team at the moment.
    Incognito appears to be in deep s**t over the golf outing incident (as combined with the current stuff) and so do the Dolphins and the NFL if there were no sanctions imposed. Also I would have thought that someone should have kept an eye on Incognito since the incident.

    I am hoping that the revamped OLine gels and their play improves.

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