New Logo and Uniforms Are You On Board?

I recall when hearing of the change I was not happy I actually had no issues with the team logo and colors I had an issue with the losing ways of the team. But the Owner and the team decided they needed to change everything Dolphins and so far they have changed the Logo, Team Uniforms and Colors but what about the losing ways? We are all very hopeful that that too will be different. Time will tell and that time is short, just like the new changes in the team uniforms and logo. Are you still evaluating the change?

So I ask you the readers, what do you think of the new logo and team colors. I am hearing different responses to that question as you can expect from the many diverse fans of the NFL and specifically  fellow Dolphins fans….

I have written a couple of articles on the subject my initial reaction was that Miami did not need to change the logo and if I had my way it would not change. Well so much for my opinion because they change it anyway….

After seeing it my response was it will have to grow on me. If this team starts winning regularly I feel it will not be an issue and many old and new fans alike will adapt to the changes very well. But if this team should somehow tank this season there will be so much anger and hate from the fan base that even the changes in the logo and colors will be questioned.

So the jury is out for now and the only thing I have heard the most is some do not like the light colors of the uniforms and not much on the logo which is a drastic change of the Dolphin….I still like the old one better for now but I feel I will get use to the new one also. I am surprised that the team has not done more to fully explain why they changed the Dolphin and what’s the significance of this new Dolphin and its position on the helmet…

I have added a poll: see below!

(It’s been a while since I have polled I need to incorporate them more as the readers are growing for TDS)

I want to thank you all for supporting “The Dolphin Seer” you inspire me to continue writing , you make my day to see the hits this site is getting and hopefully as it grows I will upgrade and improve this site. Once again thank you all for your support!


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