Calling Out Karlos Dansby!

Once again Karlos sews the seeds of malcontent and questioned another trade by Miami.

When Miami cut Chad Johnson Karlos went public with his complaint and was apparently told to keep things in house and he basically said he spoke his mind and would leave it at that. Now as a fan I can question the moves and I am one who still do not like that Chad Johnson was cut but it is what it is, but I have NO PROBLEM with the Vontae Davis trade. He was not living up to his potential and it was apparent Miami had no desire to offer him a contract extension and so it was better to get something (2nd round pick) than nothing for him. I like the kid and do feel he has great potential but it is obvious that Miami is not the place he was going to fully reach it and so Adios Amigo!

Once again it sends a clear message that player’s better step up or they are gone!

But for Karlos who in my opinion have never lived up to his contract and talks way to much after just having maybe one great game in the two years he’s been here and as I wrote in my Dolphin Stock Report for him to come to camp last season out of shape to say his job is to be a leader of men….how is it exactly he is leading because it sure is not by example. I was so pissed that this guy after Miami made him one of (if not) the highest paid MLB’s in the NFL came to camp out of shape and overweight last season that if I were the GM I would have terminated his contract if I could. He is the next person on my wish list of guys who should be traded. Hell, trade him for a 1st or 2nd too.

You would think this guy lived up to and exceeded expectations….the way he talks. I feel we don’t need him. In fact Kevin Barnett is a better player IMO and between him and Misi Dansby is expendable. If house cleaning is still in order send him packing!!! He can garner a high draft pick and relieve even more cap space for next year.

This team needs to build around Tannehill and get him some weapons at the WR and TE position and quite frankly I do not think we have that yet. Now will it be this year or next year that they address this issue, only time will tell but either way I see Karlos as the next player out the door and all I can say is don’t let the door knob hit you on your butt on the way out!

I list this under a mini rant!


6 thoughts on “Calling Out Karlos Dansby!”

  1. I will admit to my personal bias due to his being overweight and out of shape last year. For some reason I just can’t get over that….

  2. While I agree Dansby hasn’t lived up to his contract, I also agree with elephantrider25 that the reporters are stirring the pot on this one. After reading several reports on this incident the one I liked best (put things in perspective for me) was entitled Karlos Dansby, Reggie Bush talk about Vontae Davis trade on

    What confirms elephantrider25 statement IMO is the following 2 paragraphs/quotes/responses from Dansby. Take this information and look at other articles and see the sensationalism in thier titles, and the way the other articles are written.

    “I’ll leave that up to you all,” Dansby said on if the trade was discouraging. “I don’t know what the situation was or what occurred to cause the trade.

    “He’s a great player, one of the best corners in the game. I’m not sure about the direction of the team. That’s not my place. My place is to play hard and be the leader of men.”

    What I take from these 2 respsonses is he was asked (baited) if the trade was discouraging and he didn’t take the bait when he said “I’ll leave that up to you all”, and when he says “I’m not sure about the direction of the team” (probabally in response to another question) most articles only use that one part or hope the readers ignore the rest of the answer when he says “That’s not my place . . .”

  3. This is a non-issue for me. The reporters are stirring the pot, which is their job. Basically he should just say no comment. But agree that he needs to pick his game up and justify that contract. Especially right out the gate this year, when this team is gonna need him the most.

  4. I don’t know if we should go so fat as trading him for picks. Maybe for a wr. Trade him to a team weak in defense, but has a wealth of wide recievers. Green Bay, for example. He is wearing thin on the coaching staff, and I am almost certain, he won’t be a dolphin past this season,if he makes it that far. Coach Philbin asked him once, to keep this inhouse. And he speaks out again, to the media? As many of you may know,I am a braves fan. One thing I always respected about Bobby Cox was,he kept the dirty laundry in house. He never aired his beefs with his players through the media. Niether did his players. They were sent packing if they didn’t fit. Bill Belechic does it that way as well. 2 teams, That have won,a lot. This is what Philbin is trying to set up in Miami. I am all for it!

  5. Dansby will stay this year but goes in 2013 – does his contract end then or in 2014. He is overpaid and has not produced for the money he gets.

    A 2nd round pick 2013 will be his replacement.

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