As The Seer Sees It…Post Draft AFC East Assessment

Once again due to a poor record last year we will find ourselves at an advantage (supposedly) with the Schedule, it’s designed to make life easier for teams who did not fare well the previous year. The Good thing for Miami (6-10 last year) is I do feel we have more talent than some folks are willing to admit but they need to be coached right and put in the right position to utilize that talent. And with the Rookies will it take a year or two for them to pay off?

So with the two positive things in Miami’s favor the weaker schedule and some folks maybe underestimating this team, I do see a true chance in being very competitive for the division Title, the only negative is every team in our division has improved and if you look at it realistically you would still have to favor New England and to add even more (from what I am reading) they have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL.

If you are a Pats fan you are happy with the Draft as they seem to have addressed their defensive weaknesses and drafted some young prospects that should improve their pass rushing and pressure on QB’s. This team has arguably one of the best QB’s of all time and he still has 3-4 years left to terrorize our division. They also drafted a young (controversial) QB in Ryan Mallett who is doing the Aaron Rodgers thingy sitting behind a Hall of Fame QB learning by way of watching how he plays and if Brady is willing to share some secrets (I doubt that)….So until someone knocks them off their perch they are the team to beat in our division and winning the division guarantees a playoff berth more than anything else….stay tuned.

But the one team in our division that concerns me starting last year is Buffalo; they are really starting to put things together over there. They have young players and a more experienced QB who’s been in their system for two years now who is very smart and plays well for them. They have a very good running game and depth at RB, they have added Mario Williams the Top Defensive player in the FA market and they have Dave Wannstedt as their Defensive Coordinator as well as Chan Gailey as their HC. So I just hope folks will not underestimate the Bills because they are getting better and will not be easy to beat, even though we did sweep them last year to my surprise… 🙂

I do feel the Jets are 50/50 in that they can win our division and they could end up last in the division. If they get Mark Sanchez to play good early on and they get their running game back on track as well as their sound defense (Old School Football) they will be hard to beat as they will slow games down and try to win a close game in the 4th quarter. That is how Rex likes it and how Tony Sparano likes it so it’s a good marriage that should work “IF” Sanchez plays well EARLY, if not they will implode as Tim Tebow will be resurrected and anointed as the starter….should be fun to watch either way. But I give a Zero vote of confidence in Tony Sparano as their OC so I can see them imploding and falling to last place in the Division and Rex and Tony getting fired…..CRASH AND BURN JETS!!!

6 thoughts on “As The Seer Sees It…Post Draft AFC East Assessment”

  1. Nice blog man, I,m a N.E. diehard since 75,and i,ve got to admit that i really miss the days that a Phins-Pats game really meant something! I don,t mean this in a bad way either,there is no team in sports i love to hate more(besides the Yanks,that is) than the Phins,LOL….Always counted the days until the “big game” up here in Foxboro(we all new what would happen when we played in Miami…) I used to bring little rocks in from the parking lot and sit on the Phins side of the field(when you used to be able to sit anywhere you wanted to in foxboro) just so i could taunt them, Yeah i remember”stoning” all the greats,Griese,Marino,Duper,….But that was back when i was a stupid kid. I enjoyed watching the team flounder for a while,but it,s not funny anymore.I really wish you guys the best of luck in getting this team back to the powerhouse that it once was,it,s just not the same without the fierce rivlary we fans once shared…To me it,s like the sox without the Yanks…..Buffalo and the Jets just don,t cut the mustard…Good luck and peace my friend.

  2. Thank you and welcome, I have some really good articles written and I look forward to any input….Each Day I will have someting new….hopefully…


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